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_About Neon Society

Neon Society is a collection of programmatically, randomly generated NFTs. The 1st generation consists of 9696 randomly assembled Neons from over 400 traits. Neons are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

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A.D. 9696. The neon lights shine hard on the cities. Our world is completely different now, there’s only darkness. The humanoids live in server ghettoes, their destiny is to feed contents to the mainstream. The only hope to be free is to own a Neon, a cybernetic being that connects to the humanoid and transforms it’s virtual dreams into solid reality.

The Neon Society has created a first generation of 9696 Neon ready to be interfaced with your true self.

The Neon Club is waiting for you… a safe place where you can connect with your Neon.

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10% SOLD
We will unlock 1 ETH to be given away to the most valuable owner.
25% SOLD
Shill your Neon Society! Tag us on Twitter with your Neon Society, 9 random tweets will be selected for a special airdrop. The Community wallet will be filled with 9 ETH.
50% SOLD
We will start the work on the exclusive "private club" for Neon Society owners, a dedicated space with limited access to members only, where you can use your Neon Society and upgrade, change your Neon Society’s name and a lot of other fun stuff to be decided by the community. The official opening will take place once we’ll be sold out.
75% SOLD
Neon Society Merch Store will be kicked off and we will donate to a charity of our community's choice (which will be voted on).
100% SOLD
Launch of the Neon Society Studio. We will begin on the creation of an animated short with community driven story lines.
100% BONUS 1
Official opening of the "Neon Club" with exclusive access to Neon Society owners
100% BONUS 3
20ETH of prizes available for Neon Society owners, in a “show us your art work” contest inspired by the Neon Society world.
100% BONUS 3
every Neon Society owner will be placed in the pre-sale for the 2nd generation.

_The Neon Team

Neon Master
Neon Master
Founder, Artist
Neon Vertigo
Neon Vertigo
Community Relations
Neon Jedi
Neon Jedi
Social Relations, Discord Manager
Neon Darkside
Neon Darkside
Blockchain Development, Smart contract
Neon Oblivion
Neon Oblivion
Tech Development